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Border Rose Ballet

Blrder Rose Ballet

We are very proud to offer a comprehensive method of ballet training within our Border Rose Ballet section at DC Dance & Performing Arts. Our teachers are constantly taking part in continued professional develop in order to provide top quality ballet education to our students.

Pre School Ballet

The school offers fun and imaginative classes in both preschool and classical ballet for our younger dancers. Within our sessions we utilise RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) and Melody Movement dance syllabi along with developmental exercises of our own creation. We concentrate upon building fundamental movement and age appropriate dance skills; thus preparing our students to move into our junior section and beyond.

Border Rose Ballet Lower School

The students begin their journey within the lower school upon reaching academic year 2. The dancers will study IDTA (International Dance Teacher’s Association) Preparatory level to Grade 1 inclusive and select RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) graded classes as an optional extra for those keen to progress with their classical studies.

Border Rose Ballet Upper School: The students enter this part of the journey at IDTA Grade 2 level and can progress to vocational studies. Upon reaching this level, students are encouraged to study ‘Progressing Ballet Technique’ modules to support their training: an innovative programme developed to help students understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet. Throughout this section, students are also offered the chance to continue their RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) studies to further enhance their classical ballet technique, artistry and musicality.

The school offers pointe work training to students who show dedication, strength, alignment and technique within their classical studies. Dancers are carefully and continually assessed at Border Rose Ballet to maintain correct and safe training whilst dancing en pointe. During her degree, Dawn spent one year specialising in the training of pointe work and using her research has developed a training programme for those wishing to dance on pointe and we now offer varying levels of classes to cater for all of our students. Teachers have also taken pointe shoe fitting guidance from Grisko and Capezio as well as attending courses with the Royal Ballet School about the teaching of pointe work.

The school has enjoyed much success within this genre with pupils gaining: Royal Ballet Junior Associate Programme places, Northern Ballet Junior Associate places, The Hammond Ballet Associate Programme, Elmhurst Junior Associate Ballet Programme, finalist places at UKA Scholarships, Nominations for IDTA scholarships, performing with English Youth Ballet, gaining many medals and trophies at dance festivals.

DC Dance is very proud of it’s ballet achievements so far, and wishes to continue the high standards we have so far achieved. We therefore, employ a number of specialist ballet teachers to ensure that all pupils gain a rounded ballet experience at the school.