Mini Movers Ballroom & Latin
RAD Ballet Progression
Senior Freestyle & Street
Boyz Only Break Dance and Street
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Senior Pointe Class
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Junior IDTA Ballet

Classical Ballet

Ballet is a core theatre subject and is considered the foundation of dance. The study of ballet helps to develop grace, posture, coordination, discipline and much more.

The school trains pupils using the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) and IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) syllabi and pupils can enjoy a wide range of training within their ballet classes including: Classical, Character, National, Greek ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance), Body conditioning and Free Movement. Classes work towards attaining graded Examinations with the IDTA and RAD and performing experiance in our annual Show.

The school has enjoyed much success within this genre with pupils gaining: Royal Ballet Junior Associate Programme places, Northern Ballet Junior Associate places, The Hammond Ballet Associate Programme, Elmhurst Junior Associate Ballet Programme, finalist places at UKA Scholarships, Nominations for IDTA scholarships, performing with English Youth Ballet, gaining many medals and trophies at dance festivals.

DC Dance is very proud of it’s ballet achievements so far, and wishes to continue the high standards we have so far achieved. We therefore, employ a number of specialist ballet teachers to ensure that all pupils gain a rounded ballet experience at the school.

Pointe Work at DC Dance

To dance en pointe is the ultimate in technical attainment for the female ballet dancer.

Dancers are carefully and continually assessed at DC dance to maintain correct and safe training whilst dancing en pointe. During her degree, Dawn spent one year specialising in the training of pointe work and using her research has developed a training programme for those wishing to dance on pointe.

Teachers at DC Dance have also had training with leading pointe shoe manufacturers such as Capezio and Grishko in the correct fitting of pointe shoes.