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Melody Makers Pre School Music & Movement

Our Melody Makers classes offer a joined up approach to musical play that helps babies and toddlers develop into musicians naturally. These classes are an ideal starting point to move onto our music school for older children.

Benefits of Music Training

According to researchers at McMaster University in Canada - very early music training can benefit children - before they even learn to walk or talk. The researchers found that one-year-old babies who participated in interactive music classes with their parents smiled more - communicated better and showed earlier and more sophisticated brain reactions to music.

Music Train Classes for Pre-School Children

Music Train sessions are an ideal introduction to the musical world for your little one and also act as an ideal ‘add on’ class to your little ones current dance classes. Within the classes the children will experience, self expression, discipline, fun and working with others as well as bonding time with parents or guardians.

Each week children will explore the music train and stop at the ‘Rhythm Station’ . Age appropriate instruments are used within the classes. As your child develops and grows, we have an in house music teacher who can be booked to further develop their musical skills.

Music can have a profound, positive effect on your child’s mental and physical development – P Sheppard, Music Educator.

Music sessions are aimed at children between 18 months and 4 years and are a parent/guardian accompanied sessions.