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Tap Dance

Tap dance is one of the core theatre subjects with origins that are many and varied. The Americans claim its origins are in African Jazz, the Irish claim it's from jigs and step dancing, the English from Clog dancing.

Tap has been extremely popular ever since it began. Musical Classics such as 42nd Street and Crazy for You and more modern pieces such as Stomp and Tap Dogs highlight the many different styles of tap.

DC Dance has enjoyed much success in the genre of tap dancing with pupils gaining many finalist places at UKA scholarships and winning the 16 years plus UKA Tap Scholarship in 2008. Classes work towards attaining graded Examinations with the IDTA and performing experience in our annual Show.

The school trains pupils using the IDTA syllabus and pupils can enjoy a wide range of training throughout their classes at DC Dance working towards shows, festivals, fundraising events or simply just for fun. Classes are Fun and give you the chance to make plenty of noise.

Modern Jazz and Theatre Craft

Modern Jazz is fun. You will learn to develop many different movements reaching to a broad choice of varying rhythms and musical styles. Classes are structured to begin to prepare the physical strength and flexibility required to demonstrate emotion through interpretation of any musical genre, one minute you may be dancing to the rhythm of a drum, the next to a funky jazz style.

You may explore contrast between expansion and relaxation or learn to isolate in a slick stylish mood, whatever the atmosphere of the class, it will be a wonderful opportunity to react and interact with other members of the class and really dance to express your feelings.

Theatre Craft is a most exciting dance form encompasses the wide spectrum of productions that are Musical Theatre. Shows like Grease, My Fair Lady, Bombay Dreams, The Lion King etc all diverse styles but all embraced by the Theatre Craft Title. A dance form for theatrical performance, preparing the body physically through exercise and stimulating artistic ability through dance movement, improvisation and interpretation of music. The use of hand props, make up and much more - it provides all the 'must have' qualities for today's amateur and professional dancer.

At DC Dance, we amalgamate these two classes so that our pupils can gain the benefits of each syllabus and classes work towards attaining graded Examinations with the IDTA and performing experience in our annual Show.